Tunnel Vision

Logline Synopsis Chapter 1 Non-Disclosure 

Perhaps the “Celestine Prophecy” meets “Dante’s Inferno,” if you want that pitch; as I walk through hell and come out enlightened.  This story has enough character to hold its own torch.  It’s the process of breaking down the self and this entire beautiful, now tainted world that it’s become due to insidious men corrupting it.  I break down how we are all programmed and how easily it is to manipulate the self-consumed masses that are so susceptible to misinformation in our happy pursuit of ignorance.  I address the status quo as being consumed by our egos, completely out of balance with the universe, lost as well as so morose and jaded that our society has allowed the neurotic, self-consumed, and corrupt behaviors to be the norm.  So many consumed, lost goats, causing so much suffering; not only their own, but especially everyone else around them.  Put it in perspective and take a trip through “Tunnel Vision.”


I break down governmental socioeconomic dynamics while giving you pieces of a puzzle that eventually make up the big picture as you go along for the ride. The story is multi-layered and something is always going on where you’re on the edge of your seat. 


"Tunnel Vision" tells the story of a nexus point where a woman’s courage and character are called upon, and her soul tried, stepping up to God.  In this matrix, I break down our physical world and take you back to what is important, and certainly highlight what is not.  The pieces of the puzzle eventually coming together unlocking the mysteries of the universe.  I break down and explain why and how we’ve lost our way.  As you take the journey you learn to flow, eventually trusting the universe all the while being galvonized at how remarkable it is and what most of us choose to do with such a beautiful gift.


“Tunnel Vision” is about looking at the world through my perception while having an unusually-optimistic view wearing (red) rose-colored glasses.  My military, law, technical, and psychological prowess, background and experience.  I paint a very honest and real picture of the world, or rather a plethora of unequivocal, piercing truths, which allows for a serious reality check while purging misinformation and stupidity with a plethora of smack-a-roo epiphanies.  How it’s all tied together and why all this neurotic, self-created infected behavior and misery is plaguing the self-consumed masses.  No longer in our society do we value honor (code), integrity and basic respect for one another, especially towards women.  This story is a wake-up call that invokes moxie in the human spirit.  Welcome to the New World.


Homophobia (which is a misnomer, it's homo-hating), is derived from misogyny, which is  addressed as well as some male-delusional role that I’m supposed to play some 2nd /3rd class citizen because I’m a woman and double hated because I’m an unfuckable lesbian, besides being terribly alpha.  Roles are contrived; let’s keep it real, shall we?   


The red-tailed hawk, a symbol of prowess and spiritual maturity, shows herself throughout the journey.  The character built and joy maintained throughout this hell-journey while undergoing a transformation process, where I’m broken down then rebuilt.  Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, I evolve every day.  I break down the ego (beyond Tolle’s ‘New Earth’, which is referenced), string theory, our government that inevitably keeps turning our democratic wheels towards crypto-fascism, and the driving forces behind it. This is a powerful story with a full plate of truth, the will to prevail, courage, and a never-ending perseverance to change the world for the better, never submit or settle for a world less than you allow it to be.  I am a fierce tigress and this is my jungle.  “Live Free or Die!” (General Stark) 


            Thank you for your consideration and regardless, I hope you take the journey.  Along the journey the mynah and the owl are also messengers.

Copyright 2012 DeeAnna Blette