Tunnel Vision Chapter 1

Logline Synopsis Chapter 1 Non-Disclosure 

May 5th, 2010 first day moving into John and Jenni's looking for a parking spot on Franklin Place off of North Las Palmas in a Hollywood neighborhood.  I have a little silver Toyota Tercel 95’ with Iowa plates on it currently.  There was a black SUV behind me that started to honk obnoxiously after I had hand signaled for them pass as my hazards on waiting for a parking spot.  I got out after he did it twice to nip in the bud real quick, usually cowardly, needy, beta-bitch men get scared when confronted as they lack any backbone and chose to bitch. 

I asked assertively, "Why are you honking your horn?" They were playing terrible rap music, with 2 black dudes that are punk asses creating a situation of trouble!  Driver punk:  "Because you in my mothahfuckin' way."  Self:  "I waved you on, I’m not in your way; if I tell you to move on, then do it, don't honk your own like an obnoxious little kid, what's wrong with you?"  He stuck his hand in my face and I took his hand and threw it back in his face, and told him, "Watch it sonny.  Know your place.  Move on."  

The passenger punk is now whining and crying like a little aggressive bitch keeps acting like he’s going to spit on me as he keeps cocking back with a white loogie, "We can speak your language, we drive a Lexus and ..." then made epithets about my mother.  I said, “Yes, you definitely have class especially talking about YOUR mom that way, what is wrong with you?  I’m glad I’m not you; enjoy your Lexus, and when someone is giving you a courtesy wave to go around, then do it!  Being obnoxious and acting like a maladaptive 4 year old, well, you may piss the wrong person off son, carry on.”  I also had a stance to attack this motherfucker, just as the driver waved his hand in my face; I made clear I was ready to throw and they better stand down.

They passed and were being obnoxious idiots as they did so; I just looked and wondered why they were so needy for the wrong attention and what is it where they were so bored as to start shit and then get their ass handed to them?  They pretended to laugh as they drove by, looking into their sad eyes, I reflected how sorry they really were, like a much needed reality check.  I don’t think they liked themselves very much, however at least they know their place, what a waste of my energy.  So that was the first day moving back to Hollywood, I left 7 years ago.  

I stayed in west Covina with a friend from before when I lived in Los Angeles and worked as a network and systems engineer with computer stuff.  I was there for a month and the couple had many many issues and the mother had very high blood pressure and they had a nephew that moved from Alaska with problems and I was the basis for all of them and left.

I had a friend/acquaintance in Topanga but he went crazy, a complete psychopath but always respected him as I did not know this about him and didn’t know him too well.  At least not like I thought and that whole 2nd face thing with dudes.  He invented electronic battleship and I loved battleship growing up but could never afford the electronic one.  Anyway since I’ve a patent at the uspto, google it, as well as 14 other inventions but with no resources, you can see why I had an interest in my friend bing and his nephew’s friend tim whom was staying with him in the garage and I tented it until he left, which bing wasn’t very nice about.  He ended up being really sadicious and cruel and I ended up self defending myself without hurting him too much and moved to john and jenni’s – friends from before when I lived in los angels as well.

So I started to write this june 21st, 2010. I moved back to los angeles august 30th being chased out of the state by iowa state police and others as I make friends wherever I go.


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